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  Dead Space - Xbox360

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PostSubject: Dead Space - Xbox360   Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:39 am

Just got this game.... reminds me lots of the Doom series.... inside a space ship with nasty\ies all over the place.... lights going off and creepy noises... shadows and things everywhere.... this is one creepy game....

Storyline without any spoilers... you are a part of a space rescue/maintenance crew sent to do some rpairs on the biggest planet mining ship... your interest is that there is a woman onboard the ship that you used to know... when your ship arrives you discover that the crew of the mining ship have all sort of vanished... or have they... now you off on a quest to discover the truth and to repair the ship.

The beasts are HUGE and small too... you have a small assortment of weapons you can upgrade by finding stuff... killing the 'enemy' has a knack that you must master quickly otherwise you soon become DEAD... in a most gruesome manner... watch my head being ripped off once... quite disturbing.

Ok graphically AWESOME... the lighting is fantastic... shadows all over the place... one section you turn into a coridor with your shadow infront of you (meaning the light source behind) another shadown appears and quickly slips away... you turn waepons ready and NOTHING.... not a friggin thing... monster gone... turn back to youe quest and turn a corner and BLAM... big evil frig off mother of a creeping monster wanting to eat your head for a light snack... I can safetly say that this game is freaking me out as much as Doom 3 did back on the PC.

Sound is fantastic... very atmospheric and really helps put you on edge. oh and when the fire fights start... all hell breaks loose and the volume goes through the roof... this combined with the weapon flashes really does get the old adrenalin pumping.

Storyline is as good as these get when you consider it is just another large space ship overrun by bad things.

Gameplay... a little bit linier perhaps... your path seems to be set for you... this door is unlocked so go this way... this one is locked so you can't open it until you do this and this through that open door. But apart from that it is cool. You have a heads up display that shows a map and inventory and stuff... you collect credits scattered about the game and use them in a store to buy stuff... now remember this is a mining ship so the **** in the store is geared towards that... which don't mean that the weapons are not cool... you also collect power modules which you can use at special work benches... here you can mod up your weapons and suit... makng you harder to kill or making it easier for you to kill the beasties... you have to manage this option well as these power modules are quite scarse... saves are performed by using wall mounted terminals in the shape of a camera.

Now I have only been playing for a coupl of hours and yet to experience this zero gravity the mags have all been going on about... so more goodies to come I guess.

So if you liked the Doom Series... if you like being a little scared... if you like an adrenalin rush... go get this game... just do it.

Vero Moda
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Dead Space - Xbox360
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